Consulting Services

Concept Heaven’s 13 years of industry focus and a portfolio of hundreds of top salons and spas provides us with a unique vantage point from which to see best practices in our industry. Our 12 most senior people have a combined 126 years in the industry. We are able to bring that expertise to select clients in the form of our Consulting Services.

Our Consulting Services are designed to be integrated with our various products and services. They run the full range from high level strategy and design to program management and execution.

In our consulting services we can help you with:

  • Integrated Brand Presentation – we can help you design an integrated presentation of your brand across your web site, promotional materials, ecommerce and physical materials.
  • Marketing Calendar Management – Based on the design of your individual marketing plan, we can help you execute your programs and track your results.
  • Program Execution – Instead of assigning your marketing efforts to a junior person inside your business, we can be your agent in running the programs on your behalf.
  • Results Analysis – We provide regular analysis of your results and trends in a number of critical areas as well as advice as to what actions to take.
  • Operation Design – We provide operational support for promotions by providing desk staff and providers with actionable steps to optimize the performance of promotions.