The best and most profitable market you can tap is the client that you already have. Every salon or spa can send out an email to their client mailing list with an offer or an ad. So why do so few salons and spas have a successful email marketing campaign that monetizes their own client base?

The answer is simple: It’s much harder to do successfully than it appears. Most Salons/Spas want to market to their client base, but they try it a few times and often give up. They “can” do it for themselves, but most don’t because of the hidden complexities and rigors of producing consistently attractive and compelling offers. Plus, they don’t have the transaction technology to manage the online commerce.

Concept Heaven’s DealClique provides you with all the pieces to enable you to email compelling offers to your own clients. First, we supply the market intelligence to craft compelling offers and the creative design to turn ideas into high quality offers. We couple that with the proprietary technology that enables your clients to purchase your offer by clicking to buy it, just like a group buying offer. The funds are then immediately transferred to your own “Heavencart” estore and the consumer voucher is delivered. End to end support and execution.

The ease and simplicity of DealClique enables you to build a consistent, lucrative marketing campaign that enables you to get increased revenues from cross-marketing and upselling to the consumers who know and best appreciate your services and providers. Our experience has shown that a regular, sustained DealClique campaign can deliver 10% or more to the revenue of an average salon or spa.

Here are DealClique’s advantages:

  • Leverages Existing Clients – Stimulates your existing clients to return or to buy another service you offer. Enables you to do something promotional for your current clients to compliment the programs you’re doing to attract new clients.
  • Turnkey Offer Development – Concept Heaven supports you from offer design, to creative, to presentation to payment. Simplicity will lead to frequency, and frequency will lead to results.
  • Low Cost – DealClique is the lowest cost method for delivering new revenue online.
  • Cash Flow – Offers achieve immediate revenue results. You receive payment when the consumer buys, not weeks or months later like group buying sites.
  • Operational Efficiency – You receive a steady stream of new guests instead of the large influx that group buying generates. Your desk staff will thank you.
  • Fills in the Holes – Whether you’re starting a new provider, introducing a new service or just filling in appointment opening, DealClique is a great way to get immediate revenue and visibility.