The explosive growth in the group buying market has created an immense online forum connecting merchants with tens of millions of active consumers. Led by fast growing companies like Groupon and Living Social, the group buying market generated over 300,000 consumer offers in 2011. The salon and spa market is the largest vertical market within group buying, on plane to generate over $1B of merchant revenue in the US in 2012.

Many salons and spas that were part of the first wave of group buying had unsatisfactory experiences. They generated lots of revenue, but many lost money on their offers and had a host of operational problems with that resulted in unhappy staff and unhappy guests. They learned the hard way that using group buying is like using a chainsaw: a really effective tool in the hands of a pro, dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Concept Heaven’s DealTogether service designs effective, profitable offers for salons and spas and places them with market leading group buying sites like Groupon and Travelzoo. Based on our market aggregation of offers from salon and spas across the US, Concept Heaven is able to provide better splits and terms than salon/spas can do on their own.

When it comes to designing group buying offers, no one better understands how to design offers that sell but also generate an operating profit for the salon/spa. Concept Heaven has designed and placed hundreds of offers for every service in the category. And Concept Heaven’s design expertise leads to offers that generate an average of more than 3 times the national average1 for both salons and spas.

Here are DealTogether’s advantages:

  • Superior Design of Offers – we can design offers that strike a balance between revenue and margin. We’ll manage the actual look an
  • Industry-best Splits – Based on our volume placements, Concept Heaven is able to secure for you the most attractive splits in the industry.
  • Better Placement – Concept Heaven’s commercial arrangement with market leader Groupon enables us to secure you placement when you want to run an offer.
  • Operational Support – We really understand what it takes to manage a successful promotion in the salon/spa and how to integrate it into your operation to avoid some of the pitfalls that kill good promotions.

Why go it alone when it’s most lucrative and less risky working with Concept Heaven?