In today’s highly wired world, multiple times every day consumers in your area are using the Internet to find salon and spa services . By now, every business has a website. So when they come to your web site, what is the call to action that makes them try your services instead of going on to the next listing?

DealVector is the answer.

DealVector is a customized online landing page that enables you to put a compelling promotional offer in front of those consumers that have been “vectored” by Concept Heaven to your brand. Concept Heaven drives consumers to your DealVector offer by using a combination of search optimization and publisher channels that deliver your type of potential consumer. And market data has proven that the most likely consumer to purchase online is the consumer who found you by purposely searching for your category of services.

Group buying sites and other marketing intermediaries can present your offers, but they want to promote the value of their brand using your offer. Your customized DealVector offer page mimics the look of your website and the consumer engages directly with your brand and directly with your website. No intermediary describing your services and your company in their own uncontrolled editorial voice.

Make no mistake, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online display advertising are useful means to direct potential consumers to your web site. We promote those services. But unless you create the call to action that stimulates the impulse to buy, a potential consumer can swim off and buy from your local competitor’s adjacent Internet listing.

DealVector’s advantages are:

  • New Guests – DealVector is proven to deliver a steady stream of new guests to salons and spas just like yours. It’s like having a mini open house every month – and you get paid for the people who come!
  • No Investment – You pay nothing up front and only pay Concept Heaven when a new client is delivered to you. Concept Heaven assumes the entire upfront cost and risk.
  • Reaches the Right Consumer – You reach the customer who is searching for your service, not just someone who is receiving an emailed offer or an intrusive ad or pop up.
  • Cash Flow – You receive payment when the consumer buys, not weeks or months later like most group buying sites.
  • Operational Efficiency – You receive a steady stream of new guests instead of the large influx that group buying generates. Your desk staff will thank you.
  • Brand Presentation – There is no intermediary that is competing with your brand for recognition.