Web Site Design for Salons & Spas

In today’s online world, merchants of all types of products and services make their first impression to consumers through their web site. When it comes to online marketing of salons and spas, success is based on the presentation of the salon/spa’s brand and offering through the company’s web site. If the online presentation of the brand is flawed, there is usually no second chance with a new consumer.

Your website is the foundation of all your online marketing. It is the digital analog of what a retail storefront has traditionally been. Dirty windows, messy product display and poor brand presentation are retail killers. Today, your website has taken the place of your physical storefront for many consumers who will only find you online. If they don’t like the image of what they see on your web site, they move on. And you never know.

When you’re trying to attract new guests through online marketing, there is no point in spending money on search optimization to vector consumers to your web site unless it conveys the right image. There is no value to running an online promotion to attract new guests because the first place they’re going to go is to your web site. If it turns them off they’re not going to buy. If it creates the right emotional impact, they will. It’s that simple.

There is no shortage of boutique companies and freelance developers that can build a web site for you. But if you want superior results, then you have to use a superior web design firm. There are several things that set Concept Heaven apart from all the other web site design alternatives:

  • Focus – We only build web sites for the salon and spa market. We intimately know the nuances of how to best present the products and services of salons and spas online.
  • Experience – We have 13 years of experience building hundreds of the best sites in the industry. We serve the luminary companies in the market as well as small local brands.
  • Superior Design – We collaborate with you to establish an elegant, cohesive presentation of your brand. We only work with salons and spas so we know how to best present your company online.
  • Style – Concept Heaven brings superior style ethic to the design and layout of your site.
  • Scale – Concept Heaven will develop a design that works within your budget and objectives.
  • Practicality – We balance style and beauty with practical functionality.
  • Device Compatibility – We make your site viewable across multiple classes of devices, including mobile devices.