At Concept Heaven, our core concern is your digital presentation – how you project your brand to consumers online. We define brand as the creation of a consumer expectation, and your style communicates a lot about your brand. Simply ask yourself, “what if the only expectation a potential customer had of my business was what they could see on the web?” In today’s highly wired consumer environment, this question matters.

We know that your customers and your potential customers will instantly form an opinion about your business from the way they see it presented online. When we look at your style online, everything matters. Color matters, fonts matter, image selection matters and word choice matters. It can start with just words — words like “luxury” or “results”. Then it evolves into sentences, short pithy sentences that deftly sum up your style in the flash of an impression. Then images, iconic images that convey style. Sometimes style images are literal but more often they create visceral connections to the viewer’s deepest hopes and aspirations – their aspiration to relax and rejuvenate; the wish to look better; the desire for validation.

Concept Heaven can animate your style and help you create a selling proposition. The ultimate objective of conveying your brand through your style is to drive business results. It expands from the first impression of your website to everything that you produce to speak to your potential and current customers. This encompasses your web site, your online promotional material, your email communication and even your printed collateral. We will not invent your style but we will help your business define its style and we’ll help you maintain its presentation consistently throughout the customer experience.